2017-2018 Fall Semester Graduates of University of Kyrenia Received Their Diplomas With a Glorious Ceremony

2017-2018 Fall Semester Graduation Ceremony of University of Kyrenia (UoK) was presented in a colorful and warm atmosphere.

2017-2018 Fall Semester Graduation Ceremony was presented at University of Kyrenia campus. Rector of University of Kyrenia Prof. İlkay Salihoğlu, Dr. Aziz Günsel, Vice Rector of Istanbul Technical University Prof. Serdar Kum, NEU executive managers, University of Kyrenia vice rectors, deans, vice deans, academicians, administrative staff, families and guests attended the ceremony.

Families and guests welcomed ‘graduates’ with applauses as they entered the ceremonial ground with joy and pride. The graduation ceremony began with a moment of silence followed by the national anthem. Prof. İlkay Salihoğlu during his opening speech congratulated students and their families for their continuous support. During the ceremony, the Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies Prof. Mustafa Altunç and the Dean of Faculty of Maritime Transportation and Management Prof. Aysel Karafistan also delivered their speech.
Following the speeches, the ceremony continued with an interview video of graduates in which they expressed their emotions and thoughts followed by speeches made by graduate student representatives on behalf of the graduates.

Soner Demirdaş from Faculty of Maritime Studies Marine Engineering Department during his speech underlined the technical infrastructure of University of Kyrenia including simulation laboratories and thanked those who had made contributions and thanked his parents for supporting him all the time.

Yamen Adlounie from Faculty of Maritime Studies Marine Engineering Department and Chipo Kapondoro from Faculty of Maritime Management and Administration both expressed their feelings about being an international student in Cyprus and in University of Kyrenia and leaving as a proud graduate.

After speeches, graduates received their diplomas and they gave the traditional naval salute called “Chıma Vira”, together with the Vice Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies and Director of Maritime Vocational School Oceangoing Master Hilmi ŞAHLI.

The graduation ceremony ended with the cutting of the graduation cake and refreshments and snacks.